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What is a Paleta?

What up Bro! First let us tell you a bit about ChillBro! Paletas.

We are a team of Paleta makers based in Melbourne Australia, and the result of the joined forces of a Mexican Amigo and a Kiwi Bro.

In 2014 we travelled to Mexico, to learn from authentic Paleta makers the same techniques to make the frozen treats from real ingredients, served frozen on a stick in traditional mould shapes. ChillBro! Paletas  keeps the authenticity of this Mexican tradition, plus adding creative, modern and exquisite flavours to the batch.

A Paleta is a Mexican ice cream on a stick. The name comes from the Spanish word “palo” (which means ‘stick’) whereas the “eta” is in reference to the flat frozen item. So basically, a Paleta can be anything- a fruit on a stick, a cream on a stick or could even be a bro on a stick!

Why are you telling me this, you might ask? Just ChillBro! and have a Paleta!

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